Guided Hikes

The Afro Trek Tribe is committed to mending relationships between diverse groups by coordinating nature activities. We coordinate guided hikes at different forest preserves throughout the Midwest. Ages 18+ (unless otherwise specified).

Other Opportunities Include: 

Aerial Ropes Course Team Building 

Nature Retreats

Bonfire Nights  

Bird Watching 

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Nature Healing Circles 

Sacred Stories: Healing in Nature Series 

Creating spaces for conversations about racism is so important, especially in the city of Chicago. The impacts of racism causes trauma which can lead to serious mental health issues in BIPOC communities. People of color not only live in a constant state of fear but have little to no programs dedicated specifically to heal from said experiences. Ongoing police shootings of unarmed black men, racial profiling, and discrimination continue to plague the city. The mental impacts of overt racism are not often addressed or processed effectively. In turn, racism has been declared a public health crisis. Advancing racial equity means acknowledging the truth behind the root cause of racial injustice and must be followed by strategic action from those impacted, allies, accomplices, and coconspirators.

The Afro Trek Tribe has curated a healing circle series titled, Sacred Stories: Healing in Nature. Each circle consists of 10-15 participants and will occur at different Forest Preserves and campsites throughout the Midwest. The program will start with a short hike through the preserve, where participants will learn about the native plants and the historical story of how the area came to be. Afterward, participants will share their personal stories and connect with other participants through facilitated exercises. Circles may include Herbal tea ceremonies, ancestral veneration, and Sekhem/ Shamanic Reiki.

This series/program will unite many organizations in a collaborative approach to healing BIPOC communities. The recruitment for participants will come through the wellness community networks and partners dedicated to improving the lives of communities. 

brown and black women healing in nature circle EcoWomanist Institutes Black and Brown Women Nature Healing Camping Retreat (2023)

Dates: One event/month starting May-October

Time: 9:00 AM-12:30

Location: (Varies)

The Sacred Stories: Healing in Nature series targets BIPOC communities ages 18+. The participants' demographic will vary and depend intensely on the connections made with partners and community organizations. Although the target will be BIPOC communities, this offering will be free and open to the public.

*All circles are conducted in different parks, preserves, or community gardens and usually take 1.5-2 hours to complete. Participants are asked to share in dyads and within the larger group. Ages 18+

Curated Circles 

Racial Healing Circles- Anyone is welcome to participate in a racial healing circle.

Solidarity Circles-Brings together groups experiencing social distance, uniting them together to mend broken relationships. Anyone is welcome!

Affinity Circles- Primary focus on rebuilding trust within the BIPOC community. For BIPOC  community only. 

Sister Circles-Sister Circles are specifically held for black women. 

Full Moon Circles-A Full Moon Circle celebrates the different phases of the moon cycle. Anyone is welcome! 

Story Circles-Listen to stories or spoken word poetry around a bonfire! Anyone is welcome!

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