The Afro Trek Tribe is committed to healing Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities suffering from race-based traumatic stress. We help facilitate more meaningful dialogue in order to learn, grow, and heal from internalized racism. 

The mission of Afro Trek Tribe is to strengthen the relationships between BIPOC communities through storytelling, nature exploration and holistic wellness education.


The Key Principles 

  • Honor the sacredness of the land and the human experience by acknowledging participants' contribution and commitment to mother earth. 
  • Support the healing process by offering traditional spiritual practices that restore, replenish, and rejuvenate participants on their healing journey. 
  • Provide a protected space that honors each participant's story.
  • Bring to light the connectedness among people of the African Diaspora.




Our Values 

Rooted Wisdom

Our wisdom is rooted in the knowledge of our African ancestry, and their beliefs, customs, rituals and traditions.

Soul Care

Our wisdom is rooted in the sacredness of soul care and self preservation as a means to remain in alignment with source.


Our wisdom is rooted in our relationship with Mother Earth and her ability to heal, restore and transform the power of mind.


Isioma Odum, Founder of the Afro Trek Tribe 

Isioma was born in Vancouver, Washington, the Evergreen State—home to the Chinookan and Taidnapam peoples and the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. She was raised with an appreciation of outdoor spaces and nature, which enabled her to enjoy her childhood playing outside. After moving to Chicago, Isioma began facilitating racial healing circles with the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation organization. In 2021, she founded the Afro-Trek Tribe, a healing in nature community, and currently serves the Chicago Outreach Senior Coordinator at Faith in Place. As a practicing herbalist, Isioma spends time studying herbs and Sekhem/Reiki. She enjoys hiking, music, traveling, and a great outfit!

Charla, Hiking Guide and Healing Facilitator 

Charla was born on the East Coast and grew up in Southern California, where they fell in love with the diversity and healing power of nature and humanity. After college and an AmeriCorps program in the Midwest, Charla received dual master’s degrees in Social Work and Social Justice in Chicago. They are thrilled to be able to combine the passion they developed as a camp counselor with intentional, youth-focused, adventure therapy programs at the organization they work at. When not working, Charla enjoys biking along the Lakeshore, celebrating the seasons with loved ones, and visiting their favorite neighborhood restaurants.